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Cosmopolitan - December 2008

The Times fashion supplement - 15th June 2007

Q : "Where can I buy some decent summer sandals as I have very small feet?"

A: "Piccolo shoes sell a good selection of shoes in your size. Piccolo shoes also has pretty jeweled sandals. (Lucia Van Der Post)"

Liz Jones Q & A - Daily Mail - Monday 21st May 2007

Q - "Can you tell me where to buy designer shoes in very petite (UK 2 ½ ) sizes?"

A - "Piccolo Shoes has mostly heels, but of really good quality, as well as some cute ballet pumps"

Families North West - January/February 2006

This month we hear from Ruth Mowlem, who together with Lee Hilton, has launched Piccolo - a showroom and mail order business selling small shoes and small boots for women with petite feet.

Having always had problems finding great footwear for my dainty size 2 feet, we realised that this was definitely a niche that needed to be filled. With our children in school and with almost 20 years of being in the same jobs, we both felt that we needed a new challenge. Juggling children, homes, careers and husbands has never really been off putting for us. As the saying goes, if you want something done, ask a busy woman! UK manufacturers do not produce ladies footwear in sizes less than 36. So we have sourced and imported high quality, fashionable shoes and boots from France, Italy & Spain starting at size 34. Piccolo’s showroom in Bushey Heath has been open since October and has generated a lot of interest.


 - 23 AUGUST 2005
For owners of petite feet

Calling all women with small feet. Do you have trouble finding fashionable shoes that fit? Tired of falling over because your feet are just too small for your body?

We can't do much about the latter, but help is at hand for the former. A small shoe showroom is set to open which caters for women with just this problem.

Piccolo, opening in Bushey Heath in October, has shoes starting at European size 34 that's a tiddly UK size 1-1 while most shops go no smaller than 37 (UK size 3).

Co-owner Ruth Mowlem (a size 34 herself) says: "It's increasingly hard to find small sizes in this country. There is one other shop I know of in London which specialises in small women's shoes, but they're not really my style."

She and business partner Lee Hilton estimate about half the people who have registered on the database so far are from Barnet, but Ruth reckons that does not necessarily mean more women here have small feet than elsewhere in the country.  "It's just that we have a lot of contacts in north-west London," said Ruth, who lives in Mill Hill.

If, at about 11.30pm on a Saturday night, you happen to spot young ladies falling over as they tuck into takeaway kebabs, you'll know why.

See the write up in which first appeared on 31 August 2005 (edited extract below):

"This month to ensure we stay well heeled, Ruth Mowlem and Lee Hilton are launching their label, Piccolo, initially as a website and showroom, but soon they also expect to open a boutique...... these clever entrepreneurs have similar stories to tell of their motivation for moving into the highly competitive world of fashion. Ruth Mowlem might be an accountant by profession, but if her size 34 feet were neglected by the luxury shoe labels, then with her friend Lee Hilton she decided to source and import beautiful footwear herself.

Piccolo is the Italian for ‘small’, but the Italian influence goes far beyond the name of Ruth Mowlem and Lee Hilton’s new boutique. Ruth felt that too many shoes in small sizes were in dreary styles. The excitement of high fashion was too often missing for anyone with feet under a size 37. So with her friend Lee Hilton (who is in the travel business), Ruth set about changing all that. Lee and Ruth are busy thirty something women with children and careers, but as the saying goes, if you want something done, ask a busy woman.

I think they’ve made some inspired choices from the best of Italian and Spanish footwear designers, with everything from daring jewelled evening shoes to practical everyday shoes with a dash more style. From this month the boutique will be open for business, but they intend to launch a website very soon. Small sizes perhaps, but none of these women have small ambitions. "


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